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I found the following links helpful. I hope you will find them useful too.

Cool Archive - Free graphics, fonts and web development tools and services. The logo generator is quite powerful and very easy to use. You can use the Search Engine Submit (listed under Free Services) to submit your site to 5 of the top search engines.

Cool Archive

CSSCheck - Free validation of CSS. Enter a URL or copy your code. I reccommend checking both boxes for including warnings and input text in the result. HtmlHelp also offers other great tools and references.

Dead-Links Free Broken Link Checker - Verify online the links for all your webpages by entering the link of your homepage. Place a link to their site on your webpage to increase the maximum number of links verified. (External link maximum is raised from 15,000 to 50,000.) Unfortunately, it only gives the invalid link and error and does not tell which page contains the invalid link.

FreeTranslation.com - This free service can translate your website to 6 languages. You can also add an applet to your site to translate text or a URL. These are not polished translations but certainly give the gist of the content. The service translates only one page at a time, so the visitor needs to request the translation for each page. If you want to have separate pages of your site for translations, this could provide a good beginning for you to polish. FreeTranslations's service is a great service for webdevelopers, internet surfers and global understanding. I've implemented it at Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws.

[Link: FreeTranslation.com

HTML Dog - Clear and concise guide to html and css. Good examples of coding, but without pictures of the results.

HTML Goodies - My favorite website for beginner web development tutorials and reference. Explanations are clear with good examples. Author Joe Burns has a good sense of humor too.

[Link: HTML Goodies

HTML Home Page - Standards for HTML from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Lots of info, but often not very readable. Has some helpful tutorials that are very readable.

HTML Code Tutorial - HTML reference, tutorials and forum.

HTML Validator - Great tool for validating your webpages. There are free and professional versions. There is even a Firefox add-on that will enable using this tool directly from your browser. Validate your webpage online now using this form:

Click to visit the HTML Validator website.
Check your document online with CSE HTML Validator Lite.
Add this to your site!

InLoox HTML Software and Resources - History of html, tutorials for html beginners, html reference materials, project management resources.

Java.com - Get the latest version of Java or learn about Java development.

[Link: Java.com]

iso8859-1 table - Table of special characters with their code and entity names.

MSDN Developer Centers - Microsoft offers a tremendous amount of information on a wide variety of web development topics.

Spriteworks Developments - Lots of useful freeware and low cost shareware for web developers.

Web Hosting Stuff - The world's biggest directory of web hosting services is great for finding a web host to fit your needs.

WebReference - Great tutorials and resources on a wide variety of web development topics.

WizHat - Quick Html reference, glossary, free graphics and more

{Link: WizHat

Web Style Guide - Free online version of Web Style Guide by Patrick Lynch and Sarah Horton.

Xenu's Link Sleuth - Free software to verify the links on a website. Reports broken list by page, creates a website map and other reports. Does not support robots.txt file, so it cannot be excluded from parts of your website.

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